Пройдите опрос и получите скидку 10% на ваш первый образ с рекомендациями от персонального стилиста.
Modern way of shopping for modern people
No more shopping malls, queues, impulsive purchases and messy wardrobes.
Try out the AI stylist that will keep you well-dressed everyday and everywhere.
The revolution of shopping
How It Works
Download the app
You can find a link and a QR at the end of the page. Download the app on the appstore
Log-in or Sign-up
You can easily sign-up with your google account or e-mail.
Take a quiz
You'll need to answer a couple of questions regarding your preferences in clothes, shoes, accessories and your lifestyle.
Get Outfit
Choose a preferrable occasion and click a "shuffle" button — AI stylist will pick a perfect outfit for you.
Subscribe for the better experience
For beginners
  • Access to more than 18000 brands.
  • Personalized outfits from the AI stylist.
  • Adaptive feed with personalized recommendations
For stylists and fashion-lovers
  • All in freemium
  • Create outfits from scratch with more than 5 items
  • A creators' page where you can share your own content
  • Share outfits with smart-links, get a commission from your outfits' purchases
  • Use your own logo on collages
Extra outfit
For subscribers only
  • An exclusive option for subscribers to order an outfit from a human stylist for any special occasion
  • In addition, get professional recommendations to maintain your perfect and unique style
Download the Application for free now
Download the Application for free now and try AI stylist