D2C PL Venture fund
We invest in an early stage talented designers to create D2C brands providing investments, mobile first platform and support for grow.
We invest in exceptional designers with
  • Global vision and ambitions to create and scale international D2C brand
  • Entrepreneurial mindset and desire to build fashion business and solve problems
  • Ready to collaborate team driving your business and our platform
Our principles
We invest $5-20K
It's enough to quickly run your first capsule collection and start your way to global D2C brand
Quickly drop your collection
Start pre-sell with ultra fast fashion production cycle and turnover to sell your collection quickly with a minimum stock
Sustainable and data centric
We provide data centric platform and tools to give you access to focus on design and production clothes that customers want
Grow your D2C brand
Use your creativity and marketing talents to promote your own brand page in our mobile application