Fill out your style profile and get 10% discount for your first outfit with professional advices from your personal stylists.
Your digital stylist
New way of personalized shopping for modern women and men.
1. Fill out your style profile.
2. Get 7-pieces outfit selected by professional stylist especially for you from 490 AED.
3. Just order what you want.
  • Saving time
    Don't spend your time on shopping—get ready to go personalized outfits from over 18 000 fashion brands
  • Good value
    We compare and find best items for you based on your preferences from millions items of well-known retailers
  • Sustainable
    Less unnecessary items and impulsive purchases—more options of outfits that fit and look well
  • Smart
    We create smart wardrobe where all items match with each other—feel good in every occasion

How It Works?

  • 1. Fill out your style profile
    Just a 7 minutes of your time and professional stylist will select items based on your lifestyle, preferences, sizes and shapes and budget.
  • 2. Get Outfit
    We'll send you 7-pieces outfit in 4 hours with professional advices from your personal stylist in a messenger.
  • 3. Just order what you want
    Just receive a direct links and checkout selected items. Get delivery from professionally selected retailers.
Perfect wardrobe where all items match each other starts from your first outfit.

What can I expect?

Aliya is building a career as a PR specialist and she hasn't a free time. It is important for her to look like a professional, while remaining stylish. She prefers minimalism and comfort in clothes.
879 AED
649 AED
969 AED
Gate 31
99 AED
Business women, 42 years old
729 AED
Olivier works as a Chief Product Officer. He devotes his free time for self-development. He uses services that simplify his life. He prefers to go to the Museum of Modern Art over the weekend, rather than shopping. He likes minimalism and monochrome colors.
Suit Supply
990 AED
109 AED
1490 AED
New Balance
780 AED
Top-manager in IT
19 AED
Сhoose your plan
490 AED
Don't like wasting time on shopping, browsing and queues in shopping malls?
Fill out a quiz and just in 4 hours you will receive a personalized 7-pieces outfit with direct purchase links by professional stylist. Without any conversation!

790 AED
Wanna pay a special attention to your style? Professional stylist will send you a personalized styling report with a 7-piece outfit in 24 hours in messenger with purchase links, tips and recommendations.
Feel free to ask in chat for 24 hours!
1290 AED
Even more combinations in your smart wardrobe!
Professional stylist will send you a personalized styling report with 3 outfits out of 15 items in messenger with purchase links, curated tips and recommendations.
Feel free to one-time request alternative items for 24 hours and ask in chat!

2490 AED
Use once and forget about shopping for a half of a year! Professional stylist will analyze your wardrobe and send you a personalized report with guide for maintenance of your own unique style. New 12 outfits for 6 seasonal occasions with purchase links.
Feel free to request an hour online consultation and ask in chat for 48 hours.


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Does the service include the cost of clothes?
No. Things you pay separately. After completing the service, you indicate in the questionnaire a budget that is comfortable for you for each wardrobe item. The cost of the service is always fixed.

How much is the clothes?
You purchase clothes, shoes and accessories at the prices of the largest online stores. We do not make extra charges, and during the sales period discounts are saved.

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После оплаты услуги и заполнения опроса с вами свяжется стилист.
Нажимая на кнопку, вы даете согласие на получение писем, обработку персональных данных и соглашаетесь с политикой конфиденциальности.